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Hi, I’m Savannah.

My nude nature photography sessions invite you to reconnect with your body, feel into playfulness, and sink into your sensuality.

Love is the root, and the most important relationship is the one we hold with ourselves. To be with ourselves in silence and solitude invites us back into our bodies, in a world where it’s easy to live in our head.

☾ The full Boudoir Experience includes:
    • Coffee Date or Zoom Call to create your unique vision*
    • 30 min somatic work (body and breath) + 1.5 hours shooting time
    • 10 final Fine Art images for personal use
    • Journal prompts to follow up your session and integrate the magic of the session

* Zoom call can be booked before your booking is finalized. Coffee date is offered after booking is finalized.

☽ The Boudoir Experience is for both men and women who desire:
    • connecting more deeply to your beautiful body
    • celebrating the hard work you’ve put into your training and self-discipline
    • using the body to create art, without worry of stigmas of sexuality being projected
    • softening into a surrender with mother nature, being witnessed in full primal expression
    • infusing your life with a renewed feeling of energy and vitality

Nude, implied nude, and clothing are all welcome in these experiences. The magic lies most potently in the nudity, and you are invited to explore your boundaries and ease into the process. If that means staying clothed, you are more than welcome to do so. Weaving soft fabrics and textures into the natural surroundings is a beautiful way to explore your unique artistic expression and capture your personality.

… Yes, you are welcome to invite your furry friend into the shoot! (See below.)

Before your shoot, you’re invited to create a Pinterest board (or similar) to fine tune what your dream shoot looks and feels like. During our Zoom call (pre-booking) or coffee date (post-booking), we’ll go over your vision, brainstorm even more ideas, go over any questions you have, and lean into curiosity about the parts of your body you love and the parts you’re hesitant to celebrate.

Together, we co-create your experience – using breath and movement to drop fully into the body. Nature is a non-judgmental place, perfect to explore feeling fully liberated in your body and personal pleasure.

If you’ll join me, you’re invited to reclaim your wild life.

Below are a few examples from client shoots in Sweden and Portugal. 

See more of my boudoir portfolio over here, and find testimonials here.
When you’re ready to dive in, send me a message or reach out below!


With love  –
♡ Savannah 

Ready to book the shoot of your dreams?

    Hi, I’m Savannah!

    Welcome to Beast Goddess Boudoir, based out of Bellingham, WA. 

    I’m on a mission to normalize nudity, support clients in healing the relationship with their bodies, and as a result – building supportive self practices that ripple through the rest of their lives.

    Here you’ll find a space of inspiration, photography, and life coaching services.


    @primalrevolutions / @thebeastxgoddess

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