Spiritual Kink

Baring it all before the mirror, as dawn softly puckered my skin, I was able to see myself clearly for the first time. And for the first time, I began to fall in love with myself. For the first time, I was more than enough. This is the story behind #MorningCoffee. These are the roots the Beast Goddess has blossomed from.

Like a Phoenix, I rose up from the ashes of the past life I had burnt to the ground. My wings stretched wider and beat stronger than ever before. Subconsciously, I grew to associate my newfound confidence and rebirth with a spiritual level of BDSM.

Welcome to the world of #MorningCoffee. Welcome to Spiritual Kink.

let’s make some magic together

what did you think would happen
when you clipped her wings
& locked her in the cage

what did you think would happen
when she had enough
set herself on fire
& burst into flame

the wind sighed
she chooses freedom

a soft breeze scatters the ashes
they float through the iron bars
across the sea

the wind whispered
she says yes to her self

what did you think would happen
when the ashes settled
& she rose

wings spread across
an endless sky
horizon to horizon
heart beating stronger
than a hammer forged by the gods

what did you think would happen?


© The Beast Goddess

Fine Art Nude Model falling - The Beast Goddess by Karl Anton Bjorkman

Untouched image by © Karl Anton Björkman

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